Rainmaking pairs tech startups and maritime giants

Rainmaking, a corporate innovation and venture development firm, has matched five maritime giants with eight startups as part of its ‘Trade & Transport Impact Programme’. Cargotec, HHLA (Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG), Inmarsat, Shell, and Wärtsilä have been paired up with startup teams from eight different countries.

They will work on 13 separate projects with the aim of accelerating innovation that delivers genuine business results.

The startups are the following:

  • Bigyellowfish (Netherlands & India) – A digital platform that provides games for behavioural skilling, real-time collaboration for situational awareness, crew well-being and crew engagement
  • CyberOwl (United Kingdom) – CyberOwl develops and delivers security analytics products to address cybersecurity challenges for the maritime, critical national infrastructure (CNI)
  • i4sea (Brazil) – i4sea developed the only complete and integrated system that allow ports and terminals to manage the influence of ocean & weather on vessel operations
  • Jujotech (USA) – Intelligence for connected workers. SaaS solution developer offering actionable intelligence for connected workers using AR wearable and mobile devices
  • KoiReader Technologies (USA) – Unlocking AI-based data capture and process automation for documents, video and human actions for maritime, transportation, logistics, trade & supply chain industry
  • Scoutbase (Denmark) – Scoutbase is a digital tool that helps companies gather real-time data on what is experienced as problematic on board in real time and across fleets
  • Signol (United Kingdom) – Signol has developed the world’s first software which uses behavioural economics to motivate fuel-efficient employee decisions
  • Teqplay (Netherlands) – Teqplay is a context broker providing information and tools to empower the shipping industry to make better informed decisions.

With an industry awakening to the challenges of adjusting to an increasingly digital and decarbonised world, there is growing recognition that business as usual is not an option. Designed to tackle some of the biggest challenges in maritime trade and transport, the Trade & Transport Impact Programme aims to disrupt the industry through its collaborative, outcome-oriented approach.

The specialisms of the startups in the current round of the programme range from port- and cyber-security to energy-optimisation and crew welfare. Current projects relate to safety, security and crew welfare, optimisation of port and vessel operations, and autonomous operations and equipment.

Facilitating positive partnerships between corporates and startups is supporting both sides in achieving progress far more quickly. By setting clear deadlines, the Trade and Transport Impact Programme encourages both partners to work towards delivering tangible results which provide solutions to particular challenges.

The third cycle of the programme is scheduled for Q1 2020, at which point more organisations will be able to join. Rainmaking is also launching a decarbonisation programme in Singapore at that time, which specifically focuses on startups with solutions that support the transition to a zero carbon future for shipping.