Combiro BOld Agreement

Seoul-based Combiro and Madrid-based BOld have signed an agreement that will benefit their startups and accelerated companies to grow. Both Combiro and Bold have very similar objectives and work with scalable, revenue-generating, internationally focused and technology-based startups. Combiro supports Korean promising technologies and companies not only national-wide but also worksContinue Reading

white lighthouse on brown rocky hill near body of water

With an initial endowment of 3 M€, a new accelerator of the CDP Venture Capital Network is born in Taranto: Faros. It has several institutional and corporate partners and will select eight pre-seed and seed startups that work to safeguard the sea. The first call will close on February 15th.Continue Reading

medusa phase I Medusa 300 Phase I project successfully achieves a milestone

The MEDUSA 300 Phase I Project has achieved its milestone related to: scaling, optimization and design of technology demonstrators. The follow-up meeting took place at the offices of the General Sub-Directorate of Planning, Technology and Innovation (SDG PLATIN) of the Ministry of Defense. MEDUSA–the temporary union of companies JALVASUB EngineeringContinue Reading

auv zeroevtol hydrogen powered

The UAV ZEROeVTOL® is an unmanned aircraft or Air Self (Autonomous Aircraft, AAV) capable of vertical takeoff and landing, with electric propulsion (eVTOL) and zero emissions (ZEROe), incorporating an efficient energy system based on hydrogen and ammonia technology. This is a device consisting of a “steerable motor with propeller flap”Continue Reading

8th cycle of the Blueinvest Readiness Assistance program

The final, 8th Cycle of BlueInvest Readiness Assistance is now open for applications. This cycle will be the very last cycle of the BlueInvest Readiness Assistance, in the current BlueInvest edition. The application window closes on Friday, 30 July 2021. The BlueInvest Readiness Assistance is for high potential start-ups and SMEs withContinue Reading

Free electrons 2021

Free Electrons is an energy innovation program that has kicked off its 2021 edition by calling worldwide startups to submit their innovation proposals, the deadline is March 29. The platform enters its fifth edition backed by proven results over time in terms of pilots (+10M USD, and increasing), commercial rolloutsContinue Reading


Fuelsave is one of the projects that are being funded under the Blue economy window call (EMFF-BEW-2019). Shipping accounts for 2.5% of global GHG emissions which, under business-as-usual, will grow by 250% by 2050. With over half of today’s ships continuing to operate beyond 2030, retrofit solutions are urgently needed toContinue Reading

Esteyco's Elisa prototype

Esteyco, in collaboration with NREL (National Renewables Energy Laboratory), has been one of the awardees of the R&D call “Offshore Wind Solicitation 1.0. Round one: Enabling Large Scale Turbines (15 MW)”, from the National Offshore Wind Research&Development Consortium (U.S.). Esteyco presented a self-installing concrete gravity-base substructure sizing for a 15MWContinue Reading