UAV ZEROeVTOL, zero emissions and vertical take-off

The UAV ZEROeVTOL® is an unmanned aircraft or Air Self (Autonomous Aircraft, AAV) capable of vertical takeoff and landing, with electric propulsion (eVTOL) and zero emissions (ZEROe), incorporating an efficient energy system based on hydrogen and ammonia technology.

This is a device consisting of a “steerable motor with propeller flap” which manages to “merge” the performance of the world of aircraft. “Multirotors” with those of the “fixed-wing” world, reducing the number of mechanisms and engines and improving the overall aerodynamic design.

ZEROeVTOL® is a new aeronautical concept combining electric vertical take-off and long endurance without emissions featuring Hydrogen from Ammonia technologies. Its product line includes the V-Proton + ® (25kg) and V-Pelican® (200kg) UAVs, and the Altacab® (600kg) AAV.

Ventor Innovations, Jalvasub Engineering and Advanced Thermal Devices have joined their capabilities and patented technologies for the development of:

  • Low-temperature PEM fuel cell optimized for aeronautical mobility.
  • Hydrogen production system “in situ” from low-pressure liquid ammonia (NH3).
  • Air mobility vehicles: The process residues are exclusive: H2O (water vapour) and N2 (nitrogen, a component present at 78% in the air).
zeroevtol products UAV ZEROeVTOL, zero emissions and vertical take-off
ZEROeVTOL products

The company is focusing on three developments:

  • V-PROTON+®: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for surveillance, inspection or specialized point-to-point logistics services. Up to 25 kg Maximun Take-Off Mass.
  • V-PELICAN®: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for logistics transport. Up to 200 kg Maximun Take-Off Mass.
  • ALTACAB®: Autonomous Air Vehicle (AAV) to transport 2 people. Up to 600 kg Maximun Take-Off Mass.

Ventor Innovations is a private company specialized in the development of UAVs and manufacturing with composite materials. The AUV ZEROeVTOL consortium includes technology partners Jalvasub Engineering and Advanced Thermal Devices.