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3d printed coral
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3D printed coral to help energy production and coral reefs

Cambridge University and University of California San Diego researchers have 3D printed coral structures and used them as incubators for algae growth. They tested various types of microalgae and found growth rates were 100x higher than in standard liquid growth mediums. These 3D printed coral-inspired structures that are capable of growing dense populations of microscopic

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UNITED’s ocean multi-use solutions

EU-Project UNITED (multi-Use platforms and co-locatioN pilots boosting cost-effecTive, and Eco-friendly and sustainable production in marine environments) focuses on ocean multi-use. The project will run from 2020 until 2023 and provide evidence for the viability of ocean multi-use through the development of five demonstration pilots in the real European marine environment. UNITED will: Address current

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AI Aquaculture & Fisheries

Alphabet’s X launches Tidal to help fish farmers

Alphabet’s X launches Tidal, a moonshot to protect the ocean and preserve its ability to support life and help feed humanity, sustainably. They will focus initially on developing technologies that bring greater visibility and understanding of what’s happening under the water. Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate created through a corporate restructuring of Google

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HATCH aquaculture startups
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HATCH is looking for aquaculture startups

Aquaculture investor HATCH is inviting applications for its fourth accelerator programme, which offers 10 companies mentorship, financing of up to $130 000 ($75 000 in cash. $55 000 are in-kind services, including the program) and industry access. The company is looking for seed or pre-seed startups with innovative and scalable solutions for relevant aquaculture problems.

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BlueInvest Awards winners announced

The BlueInvest Awards winners were announced during the BlueInvest Day. Throughout the day, the candidates to the BlueInvest Awards made their pitches. They were 20 of Europe’s top start-ups and SMEs in the Blue Economy. Pitches were live-streamed for maximum exposure to potential clients and partners. The finalists went through undergo pitch coaching and feedback

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problue annual report 2019 Photo by Markos Mant on Unsplash
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Problue Annual report 2019

Problue is a new Umbrella 2.0 program, housed at the World Bank, that supports the development of integrated, sustainable and healthy marine and coastal resources. Recently, they’ve published the Problue Annual Report 2019. The report summarises the financial information of the program in the different pillars it works at, as well as the projects and

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Plant based tuna

Recently, a couple of companies have launched their plant based tuna (or fish free tuna), as an alternative to animal products. These “tuna” alternatives try to imitate tuna’s flavor and texture. Good Catch fish free tuna This product contains, water, a proprietary six-legume blend tha contains, pea, soy, chickpea, lentil, faba and navy bean, algal

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