deepwater elevators against black swans Deepwater Elevators against Black Swans

When engineers at Krypton Ocean Group are asked to describe their seabed mining technology in two words, they often smile delivering literally two words: “deepwater elevators”. This seemingly primitive definition reflects, nevertheless, the very meaning of what Krypton has been developing and sharpening since 2014. Today, the technology is inContinue Reading

WHAT PREVENTS SEABED MINING FROM BEING FULLY OPERATIONAL We are living in strange times: on the one hand, the fanciest global trend implies shifting to the ultimately eco-friendly “green” economy where fossil fuels are to be rejected. On the other hand, we keep destroying our planet with the predatory onshoreContinue Reading

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или почему “батарейный кризис” — экономическое кликушество Некоторые наивно полагают, будто Илон Маск чуть ли не в одно лицо изобрёл целую индустрию электроавтопрома. На самом деле объективные социо-экономические предпосылки (политическая лихорадка с нефтью, ужесточение экологических норм в связи с глобальным потеплением) сделали возможным то, что ещё лет 15–20 назад казалось каким-то бредомContinue Reading

battery shortage where to get that much cobalt Battery Shortage: Where To Get That Much Cobalt

The Top division media start discussing the so-called Cobalt Crunch. Forbes interviewed Ivan Glasenberg — chief executive of Glencore: “…We have seen the investments that car companies are making in electric vehicles, Glasenberg said. They will need battery supply. It will require a lot of cobalt, and we all know the geologicalContinue Reading