22 renowned speakers at the Maritime Blue Growth congress

Maritime Blue Growth (MBG), the first international event dedicated to fostering the Blue Circular Economy, is fast approaching its first edition, with the confirmation of the participation of 22 renowned sectoral speakers at its congress, which will take place in Bilbao from 14 to 16 November.

These leading figures from the maritime field, including leaders of international organisations and internationally recognised experts from IMO, ECSA, ANAVE, Suardíaz, ENIG, Europêche, PTEPA, PEMA, Puertos del Estado, Navantia, Iberdrola. They will gather at the Palacio Euskalduna to address five of the main sub-sectors of the maritime industry in the framework of the Blue Circular Economy.

The sections of the congress, which will be divided thematically over the three days of the MBG, are as follows:

  • First section: The effect of unstoppable technological progress inexorably sets the global maritime sector on a course towards the Blue Circular Economy. This section will address how technological progress is driving the maritime sector towards a more sustainable and circular approach.
  • Section 2: What new businesses and opportunities will emerge in the global maritime sector as it moves towards the Blue Circular Economy. Here we will discuss new business and commercial opportunities arising from the adoption of more sustainable technologies and practices.
  • Section 3: Disruption in the global maritime sector, looking at the future of the sector beyond the digital transition and the blue circular economy. In this last section it will explore the long-term prospects for the maritime sector and how it can continue its development in the continue its development in the context of a circular and technologically advanced economy.