UNITED’s ocean multi-use solutions

EU-Project UNITED (multi-Use platforms and co-locatioN pilots boosting cost-effecTive, and Eco-friendly and sustainable production in marine environments) focuses on ocean multi-use.

The project will run from 2020 until 2023 and provide evidence for the viability of ocean multi-use through the development of five demonstration pilots in the real European marine environment. UNITED will:

  • Address current bottlenecks relating to the large-scale installation of ocean multi-use activities;
  • Demonstrate business synergies and benefits of ocean multi-use;
  • Provide a roadmap for deployment in future multi-use sites and potential scaling barriers to be addressed through best practices and lessons learnt
  • UNITED will enhance the technology readiness levels of multi-use solutions, involving industrial actors and integrating knowledge, technologies and facilities. It will also propose business models to reduce operation costs and generate benefits to all sectors involved.

Demonstrating the success of the UNITED pilots will boost the capacity of the Blue Economy within European waters and increase the efficiency and multi-functionality between traditionally competing interests in these sectors.

Job opportunity

They are inviting applications ( Project Engineer (m/f/d) Mechanical engineering/Shipbuilding Engineering/Electrical Engineering/PhD Candidate (Dipl.Ing./M.Eng.) for a research assistant position in the area of technology and aquaculture science.

The employer is the Research and Development Center Kiel University of Applied Sciences which runs as a GmbH of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel with about 150 projects per year. The position is part of the “EU Work Programme HORIZON 2020, Blue Growth”.

The key responsibility is to design, implement, integrate, and test an offshore aquaculture plant in an exposed offshore location. The second part of the position is the development of engineering and technical design documentation and preparing regular project reports.

Click on this flyer for further details on this position or the UNITED’s website.