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BlueNalu Secures $20 Million in Series A Financing

BlueNalu, a food company producing seafood directly from fish cells, has announced the successful completion of its $20 million Series A round of funding. This financing will enable BlueNalu to develop a good manufacturing practices (GMP) pilot production facility in San Diego, expand its world-class team, implement strategic alliances for global operations and distribution, and

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canada helps its maritime startups
Startups Investors North America

Canada helps its maritime startups

Three Nova Scotia-based organizations announced they are undertaking new projects to further the momentum in the ocean sector, bring new employment to the Greater Halifax area and strengthen Canada’s position as a global leader in sustainable ocean practices. The work undertaken by DeNova Inc., the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) and Sedna Technologies Inc., will result

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Startups Biotechnology Europe

Lamps with bioluminescent micro-organisms 

Glowee is a living lighting energy from Lamps with bioluminescent micro-organisms, coming directly from the sea, at the crossroads of biomimicry and biotechnology, ready to revolutionize our way to produce, consume and light. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by some living organisms. In contrast to fluorescence, bioluminescence does not require external lighting

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Clean the plastic in the ocean
Startups Environmental

Meet the companies that clean the plastic in the ocean

In 2019 the UN Industrial Development Organization published the report ‘Addressing the challenge of Marine Plastic Litter using Circular Economy methods‘. It estimates that 83 Mt of plastic waste has already accumulated in the oceans and an estimated 8 Mt of additional, mismanaged plastic waste entering oceans annually, at least 80% of which originates directly

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