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Collaborative discoveries in the ocean

The eOceans app is for citizen scientists, scientists, and teams exploring and studying the world’s oceans. It was founded to make faster and more collaborative discoveries. It’s available in Android and iOS.

This app captures ‘logs’ about the oceans in real-time. A ‘log’ takes about 30 seconds and captures enormous amounts of valuable data about the oceans, which is already helping ocean science and decision making.


  • It allows to record observations and keep them for sharing later to trusted scientists
  • Digitize & quality control in real-time, for faster and more accurate data
  • Local to global scales
  • All 220,000 named ocean species
  • All human items

eOceans eOceans evolved from various research projects including eShark, eManta, Great Fiji Shark Count, Global Marine Conservation Assessment, and the Shark Sanctuary Evaluation. This work has provided important scientific insights and policy outcomes.

It is useful for research on Protected areas; Endangered species; Invasive species; Climate change; Pollution; Ghost gear; Oil spills; Algal blooms; Social and economic trends; Shipping or fishing interactions; Management disputes; Disease; Interactions; and much more.

How it works

Explore the oceans with the eOceans app loaded on your phone. Periodically (5 or more times), do a ‘log’ of what you see. A Log includes:

  1. Photo of the area or item.
  2. Activity you are doing – because fishers, divers, surfers, sailors , etc. see very different things.
  3. List of species, with number. It can be zero, or a long list.
  4. Any human stuff – boats, surfers, plastics, etc.
  5. Review & Submit.

The app is designed for collecting high-resolution spatial and temporal data about the world’s oceans. Helping to identify and celebrate successes, or to mitigate and adapt to change.

There are several types of account:

  • PROFESSIONAL is designed for people, like scientists, that need digitized and quality-control their data in real-time in a spreadsheet format that they can immediately analyze or share with colleagues.
  • STARTER is designed for people, like citizen scientists, that want to share their observations to science.
  • ENTERPRISE is for teams, like research labs, industry, government, non-governmental organizations, that have several to thousands of people working on a specific topic or area that want to collaborate in real-time.

eOcean’s goal is to gather 1billion new ocean observations per day so that researchers and communities can celebrate successes or mitigate and adapt to change in real-time.

eOceans is a member of the Washington Maritime Blue strategic alliance.