agreement inmarsat-i4sea

Inmarsat has signed an agreement with Brazil-based startup i4sea to join a fast-growing group of certified application providers for Fleet Data. Recently, Inmarsat closed an agreement with Nautilus Labs, as well. i4sea will provide a high-precision sea and weather forecasting application with up to seven days forecasting in advance throughContinue Reading

shiplyst Shiplyst: transparent pricing to real-time tracking

Shiplyst is a B2B marketplace, and its customers include exporters or importers who are looking to send freight through the ocean. Mumbai-based ocean freight procurement marketplace Shiplyst helps exporters and importers to instantly generate freight quotes. The startup was picked by 500Startups to be part of their winter batch andContinue Reading

tech startups

Rainmaking, a corporate innovation and venture development firm, has matched five maritime giants with eight startups as part of its ‘Trade & Transport Impact Programme’. Cargotec, HHLA (Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG), Inmarsat, Shell, and Wärtsilä have been paired up with startup teams from eight different countries. They will workContinue Reading


Nautilus Labs, the technology firm advancing the efficiency of ocean commerce through artificial intelligence, and Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, have signed an agreement for Nautilus Labs to join a premier group of dedicated application providers for Inmarsat’s Fleet Data service. Nautilus Labs will use theContinue Reading

blockchain based ship registration by singapore shipping association Blockchain Based Ship Registration by Singapore Shipping Association

The Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), in collaboration with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the blockchain company Perlin are working together on an e-registry for the process of renewal and ship registration. The International E-Registry for Ships (IERS) is based on Perlin’s Wavelet, an open ledger for writing decentralizedContinue Reading

harmonising maritime workplace design through collaboration new technologies and open innovation Harmonising maritime workplace design through collaboration, new technologies and open innovation.

OpenBridge, is a unique interdisciplinary project aiming to solve the problems of inconsistent interface design across bridge systems that has plagued the maritime industry and its operators for decades. Render by Jon Fauske An ongoing industry-academia collaboration based in Norway, the OpenBridge project aims to provide better user interfaces for ship bridgeContinue Reading

the state of maritime tech The State of Maritime Tech

2017–2019, a retrospective Two years ago, I started Shone with my co-founders Ugo and Antoine with the idea that other transportation industries had seen a lot of innovation and digitization that had not yet reached the maritime world. Bear in mind, at that time it was not yet mandatory forContinue Reading