SAP: Changes Needed for Blockchain In Shipping

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While the chaos around the blockchain in shipments is diminishing, the SAP software vendor believes that the digitization of paper processes remains an interesting opportunity, but that it will take time, as this requires a change of mindset on the part of all parties of the supply chain.

Speaking at the “Shipping 2030 Asia” conference in Singapore, Stefan Sauer, a freight forwarder for the transport and transport sector for SAP, said the blockchain now appeared between the top and the bottom of the Gartner hype cycle.

From the initial excitement of the possibilities of the blockchain, many have examined it to solve problems, but did not really know what problem they wanted to solve, and they are now somewhat disillusioned.

A case of use of blockchain

“Blockchain is a technology and you have to come up with a usage scenario that uses that technology to transform a process,” Sauer said. “From a software vendor’s perspective, we want to create meaningful usage scenarios that help your industry move forward, and who’s in the best position to understand what’s moving a sector forward in relation to the industry itself.” even.

Although the digitalization of the bill of lading is justified, according to Sauer, it probably travels more kilometers than the container it describes, but it has not yet been accepted or used on a larger scale. TradeLens — the company founded by Maersk and IBM being the exception possible.

What is BitNautic?

BitNautic is another similar project that is working to bring blockchain closer to shipping. Blockchain is an advanced technology providing ultimate transparency in a complex system. BItNautic uses blockchain technology to introduce these features into the shipping industry. This is allowing everyone to see the shipment at any time. It makes things easier for everyone by allowing them to follow the expedition, to know where your cargo is, brings relief. It minimizes the risk of loss and fraud and makes decision making much more comfortable.

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