Esteyco wins offshore wind solicitation in the USA

Esteyco, in collaboration with NREL (National Renewables Energy Laboratory), has been one of the awardees of the R&D call “Offshore Wind Solicitation 1.0. Round one: Enabling Large Scale Turbines (15 MW)”, from the National Offshore Wind Research&Development Consortium (U.S.). Esteyco presented a self-installing concrete gravity-base substructure sizing for a 15MW turbine.

This initiative is part of the Consortium’s long-term strategy for identifying innovative technology to further drive down costs of offshore wind development in the United States, making it even more competitive with other generation resources.

Esteyco’s proposal is based on sizing their ELISA technology for large offshore turbines (15MW+), as a natural extension of their H2020 ELICAN project by which we installed an operative 5MW turbine, without using, for the first time ever, heavy-lift maritime means

Esteyco thus spreads beyond Europe, its long and successful track record in R&D for the last 10 years.

“These projects will enable the continued scaling of offshore wind turbines to even greater heights, allowing them to access the excellent wind resources off our coasts while capitalizing on economies of scale,” said Robert Marlay, Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office.