Fuelsave reduces fuel consumption and emissions

Fuelsave is one of the projects that are being funded under the Blue economy window call (EMFF-BEW-2019).

Shipping accounts for 2.5% of global GHG emissions which, under business-as-usual, will grow by 250% by 2050. With over half of today’s ships continuing to operate beyond 2030, retrofit solutions are urgently needed to meet the challenges we face today. 

FS MARINE+ is a retrofit solution for ship engines, that significantly improves efficiency, leading to reduced fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance cost. 

The technology has been field-proven to achieve 10% NET OPEX savings, reduce primary fuel consumption by 10%-20%, cut CO2 emissions by 8-15%, NOX emissions by around 50% and Particle Matter by 40%. Further, the technology delivers an ROI of 1-3 years with a 5-year standard warranty & performance guarantee, possible to extend to 15 years, making the technology the world’s most cost-effective retrofit solution to improve shipping efficiency.

The next step in our R&D activities, supported through the EMFF Blue Economy Fund,  is to exploit the full potential by adapting and scaling up the technology for large slow-speed two-stroke engines, the engine of choice for cargo ships, dry bulk carriers, VLCCs, etc, which together are responsible for 55% of all global shipping emission. Due to differences in engine working principles, we need to carry out design and engineering changes in order to deploy, approve and demonstrate the technology, first on a test-bench and then onboard a vessel.