Jotun and Kongsberg Maritime develop the HullSkater

Jotun and Kongsberg Maritime have joined forces to develop a hull-cleaning robot, called HullSkater. This is a proactive hull cleaning solution designed to provide full operational flexibility and an unbeatable environmental footprint.

The HullSkater technology is based on Konsberg’s experience within marine robotics and remote operations, resulting in more energy efficient operations and reduced CO2 emissions.

Traditionally hull cleaning would be done by teams of divers and this is still a method that is in common use, but which is increasingly coming under scrutiny. Diving teams may be good at clearing the fouling from the hull but there are problems. Firstly, it is a labour intensive and costly process. If there are insufficient divers available, the time needed can be difficult for ship operators to fit into schedules and may lead to off hire time for chartered ships.

Moreover, the cleaning process can lead to the coating becoming damaged and potentially creating an even worse problem in a very short time. Much more of an issue is the effect on the environment as the cleaning process usually results in the removed matter being deposited on the seabed or left drifting in the water. This can have a detrimental effect on local ecosystems and is something that authorities are not keen on permitting.

Proactive cleaning involves cleaning the hull regularly before hard growth takes hold and prior to changing geographical bio-environment. Proactive cleaning is less aggressive causing less damage to both the coating and the local environment, whilst reducing fuel consumption on passage. The approach also reduces the risk of transporting invasive species from one bio-environment to another.

Put simply, Jotun Hull Skating Solutions keeps your ship’s hull clean to minimise performance loss with no debris or waste, giving an unmatched environmental footprint and full operational flexibility.