Blue Economy in the Indian Ocean: perspectives for sustainable development in the region

The Observer Research Foundation (ORF) has published the paper ‘Blue Economy in the Indian Ocean: Governance perspectives for sustainable development in the region‘ by Aparna Roy. This paper is is part of ORF’s series, ‘India and Global Governance’.

The paper explores the current governance framework of marine resource management in the Indian Ocean, delves into the challenges in blue economy development and recommends ways to advance blue economy governance in order to address pressures and ensure sustainable development in the region.

The paper warns that to achieve the goals for the blue economy in the Indian Ocean would require extensive cooperation between the community of coastal states and other stakeholders that include the private sector, non-governmental organisations, scientific and local communities.

The paper states that ‘The Indian Ocean Rim Countries (IORCs) are faced with the common pressing challenges of increasing urbanisation, industrialisation and migration, resulting in over-exploitation of natural marine resources.’ (….) ‘In this context, it is critical to ensure appropriate environmental management of marine ecosystem, supported by effective law and policy‘.