Lamps with bioluminescent micro-organisms 

Glowee is a living lighting energy from Lamps with bioluminescent micro-organisms, coming directly from the sea, at the crossroads of biomimicry and biotechnology, ready to revolutionize our way to produce, consume and light.

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by some living organisms. In contrast to fluorescence, bioluminescence does not require external lighting sources. The light is actively generated inside the organism. This means that no energy is required or CO2 emitted above the organism’s regular physical metabolism.

In this case, the French startup has developed a bioluminescent raw material made of micro-organisms that can grow indefinitely. They’ve engineered these micro-organisms to make them more efficient in terms of light production (intensity, stability, capacity). The micro-organisms produce a soft light that reduces visual pollution.

Recently, the startup was hired by the city of Rambouillet in a project to light urban furniture, shops , monuments and public roads. The contract was signed on September 2019, committing the community and the company to implement the project of a bioluminescent public site over two years.