saudi customs planning to adapt blockchain for shipping industry Saudi Customs Planning to Adapt Blockchain for Shipping Industry

Saudi Customs Planning to Adapt Blockchain for Shipping Industry

Saudi Customs Planning to Adapt Blockchain for Shipping Industry

In collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the General Authority of Ports and the Maersk International Company, Saudi Customs held a press conference to introduce the successful blockchain pilot and the importance of blockchain technology in the shipping industry. It included the guarantees that the latter provides for improving the security of global supply chains and improving the reliability of transit procedures at all stages from origin to arrival.

Dr. Hisham bin Abbas, adviser for advanced technologies and blockchain at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), also spoke at the conference. He said that the working direction of the ministry is to develop new technologies to ultimately improve the position of the kingdom and make it one of the essential centers of the world. Within the ICT sector, the ministry is focusing on facilitating and disseminating blockchain technology as one of the best-known modern technologies through an implementation plan for building an integrated ecosystem.

Al-Otaibi, the General Manager of Information Technology at the General Customs Authority, explained at the conference that Blockchain technology supports the business development of key importers and distributors by reducing time and costs and increasing supply chain security. At the global level, he emphasized that this technology provides a digital reference documenting all stages of the transit process. That allows relevant parties simultaneous access without the intervention of an outside party, which promotes international cooperation to ensure the security of trade and security Reliability of global supply chains.

While Saudis are still in the process of finding suitable ways to introduce blockchain in the shipping industry, another project is achieving milestones in the same area. BitNautic is a blockchain-based platform that offers you to book cargo services through the app. You can choose your carrier based on their previous ratings. Moreover, the app allows you to track your cargo while it is on the move, making the system more secure than ever. BTNT tokens can be used for payments of services used on this platform.

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