Modular ships for waterways

Alego Development has patented the Alego Modular Vessel, modular ships focused intended to be used in waterways. It has LNG/ Electric-Hybrid propulsion, shallow draft and a flexible modular design. These vessels are suitable for a wide variety of applications and operational conditions. All Alego modules are of standardized design, enabling transport with existing infrastructure.

Alego’s ships are designed according to the DNV-GL inland waters regulations, and are also prepared for local regulations and requirements. The design allows them to be shipped inside a container, if needed.

Every module is designed according to the CSC International convention of safe containers, enabling them to be transported as standard ISO containers world wide.

These modular ships may be tailor made to perform a variety of maritime functions, from a plain deck cargo carrier, to an advanced construction vessel, all based on the customers requirements.

Due to the flexibility of this system, the vessels may be altered, and changed easily during their lifespan.