Dive of the Year Awards 2018 presented by Fabien Cousteau

#DiveoftheYear Awards 2018 winner and runner-ups

Over the last year, we have been selecting some stunning #DiveoftheWeek highlights in the Oceans app and on social media. Today — on World Oceans Day — it’s finally time to announce Dive of the Year 2018. And the winner, presented by Oceans’ ambassador Fabien Cousteau is…

“Sea lions are one the most curious and playful animals in the ocean. This year’s winner captures a fantastic close encounter with a sea lion pup, probably in search for a new buddy to play with.

Congratulations Bishoy Mikhael, you are the winner of the Dive of the Year Awards 2018, and congrats to the runner-ups Julie Jones and Nick Turner!“

— Fabien Cousteau

Congratulations to the winner Bishoy, and runner-ups Julie and Nick for your awesome #DiveoftheWeek contributions, head over to our Instagram to see the video announcement where Fabien presents the winner and runner-ups.

Thanks all for sharing amazing photos and check-ins with the Oceans community, we look forward to seeing where your adventures take you next… 🙏

#DiveoftheYear will be back again in 2019!

The search for the next #DiveoftheYear winner is starting now. Every weekend, one dive from Oceans is selected #DiveoftheWeek, and featured on our Instagram and Twitter feeds followed by over 40,000 ocean champions worldwide!

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