Our vision

bold /boʊld/ adj., -er, -est. 3. finding new solutions; inventive or imaginative Bold (Blue Ocean Leading Drivers) is a global organisation that selects carefully and supports, with the help of its investors, high value startups in the maritime sector. Bold identifies entrepreneurs and helps them achieve its full potential, withContinue Reading

Blue Economy Development Framework

The World Bank and the European Commission have launched the Blue Economy Development Framework (BEDF). The Framework is a novelty in the area of international ocean governance. It helps (developing) coastal states transition to diverse and sustainable blue economies while building resilience to climate change. This transition starts with dataContinue Reading


Techstars and Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS), a world leading ship management company, announced on the 31st that they are jointly launching a global MaritimeTech accelerator, the EPS MaritimeTech Accelerator Powered by Techstars. Based in Singapore, this new mentorship-driven accelerator program will be Techstars second accelerator in the sovereign city-state. TheContinue Reading

Bluetech Accelerator

Bluetech Accelerator is an open innovation program connecting talented startups with key players in the sector to create a pioneering ecosystem of innovation and business acceleration for the Blue Economy sector. The first edition focuses on Ports and Shipping 4.0. Portugal launched the program Bluetech Accelerator on as a startupContinue Reading


SeaAhead and the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) announced today their partnership to open the first dedicated Bluetech Innovation Hub in Boston. The SeaAhead Hub, located at CIC Boston (50 Milk Street), will enable ocean entrepreneurs, growing businesses, investors and corporations — as well as non-profits, the public sector and researchersContinue Reading