BOld, partner of Tech Tour Ocean 2020

BOld (Blue Ocean leading drivers) is one of the support partners of Tech Tour Ocean 2020 (TT Ocean), that Tech Tour together with KunnskapsParken Bodø is organizing on the 3-4 November 2020 in Bodø, Norway.

As a support partner BOld will assist with identifying potential companies to present as well as investors and Corporates and to the Tech Tour Ocean Venture Forum by informing and communicating in our network and BlueOcean Magazine.

The TT Ocean is a Venture Forum which gives an unique opportunity for the most innovative entrepreneurs to meet and present themselves in front of active international investors and corporations seeking investment and partnerships.

30 companies active in the sectors of: Ocean Food, Clean Ocean, New sources of ocean harvest, Shipping/Transport, Ocean Energy, Ocean Data collection will be selected to present at the Forum by the Selection Committee, who will assess them on the basis of their business potential, technology merit, competitive position, investment interest and team experience. They will meet with 30+ investors and corporates during the two-day event incl. a networking dinner.

The Tech Tour Ocean will be focused around the topics of:

  • Clean Ocean (Solutions for cleaning the ocean; Removing plastic from the ocean)
  • New Ocean (Bioprospecting, New sources of ocean harvest, Algae/seaweed cultivation and harvest, Harvesting on low trophic levels, New ingredients)
  • Ocean Food (Aquaculture; Fisheries; Downstream seafood value chain)
  • Shipping/Transport (The ocean as the shipping highway; Decarbonization of shipping)
  • Ocean Energy (Wave power; Offshore Energy; Renewables)
  • Ocean Data collection (Navigation; Aquatic Drones; Survey Vessels)

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