BlueNewables awarded in Call 4 of MaRINET2

The consortium composed by Acciona (SP), DTU (DK), Centec (POR) and BlueNewables (SP) has been awarded by the MaRINET2 program to test the Windbos floating wind platform for 10 MW wind turbines.

The members of BlueNewables outlined the first idea of their Windbos floating wind platform a long time ago. After years of getting experience in several projects and companies, they rescued it from the drawer, and founded BlueNewables. Since then, they are pushing forward their own technologies and supporting with their experience to our clients.

Today, they are testing a 10MW DTU wind turbine. When the idea was born, coupled assessment was not ready, and today several software packages are available, allowing to speed up the readiness to market. By then only Hywind1 was on the sea and today there are plans for several tens of MW in the near future and thousands of MW in the horizon 2030.

The test are to be carried out along first half of 2020, on the Oceanide BGO testing house, in France. Their partners will contribute with their experience on floating wind turbines and performing advanced simulations on the so called fully coupled analysis.

The Marinet2 project is part of BlueNewable’s roadmap to develop BlueNewasbles’ ground-breaking solutions on the Blue Economy. Together with their partners we firmly believe on the innovation as an important driver to boost the Energy Transition.

The program has awarded €1.3 million for 38 offshore renewable developers to test their devices and components in the latest MaRINET2 call. The project has awarded almost €5 million total in free testing access since 2017.

BlueNewables is one of the companies BOld is coaching as part of the BlueInvest Readiness Assistance program.