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BlueInvest Awards candidates announced

The BlueInvest Awards candidates that will pitch on the main stage to a panel of investors for the BlueInvest Awards, have been announced. They are 20 of Europe’s top start-ups and SMEs in the Blue Economy.

Pitches will be live-streamed for maximum exposure to potential clients and partners. The finalists will undergo pitch coaching and feedback from our industry specialists prior to the event.

The event will take place during the BlueInvest Day (see programme), on February 4th, in Brussels.

The candidates are:

Clean energy from the ocean

Algaenergy S.A. (Spain)
Blue Power Synergy (Belgium)
Corpower Ocean (Sweden)
Exceedence Ltd (Ireland)
FiberSail (Portugal)

Intelligent ocean

Evolution Energie (France)
METIS Cyberspace Technology S.A. (Greece)
SAMMY (Greece)
Sensmet Ltd (Finland)
SINAY (France)

Food & feed from the ocean

Algaria Srl (Italy)
Aquatic Biologicals (Greece)
BioFeyn (France)
Eliminatore Ltd (United Kingdom)
SEAentia (Portugal)

Blue bioeconomy and green solutions

ARC Marine Limited (United Kingdom)
Edorado B.V. (The Netherlands)
Goodbag (Austria)
Marine Performance Systems B.V. (The Netherlands)
Planktovie SAS (France)