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Blue growth capitalisation and community-building event

“Strengthening the Science-Practice-Policy Interface in Blue Growth”

Marseille, France – 16th & 17th of April, 2019

InnoBlueGrowth project organises the Blue Growth Event “Strengthening the Science-Practice-Policy Interface in Blue Growth” to share and identify better methods and tools for successful knowledge and technology transfer, based on the outputs of the Med Blue Growth Community Projects. Part of the discussions will also address more thoroughly the issue of training and education for the blue economy.

To foster blue economy, the integration of science into policy and practice to support evidence-informed decision-making is essential. However, new technologies or innovative methodologies developed by researchers are not always widely and quickly transferred or fully exploited by all stakeholders. Therefore, clusters or collaborative platforms to bring investors, funders, industry, public sector and other stakeholders together represent opportunities to bridge science to policy and practices frameworks through the exchange of knowledge and data and the tackling of sea and land-based challenges jointly.

This capitalisation and community-building event will gather a wide diversity of stakeholders, from researchers to policy makers and donors from the blue economy sector of the Mediterranean region. The event will take place on April 16th and 17th 2019, in Marseille, France.

The InnoBlueGrowth project’s main objective is to ensure the communication and capitalisation of the different thematic projects’ outcomes dealing with blue economy issues in the Mediterranean region in order to increase their impact towards common identified targets.

InnoBlueGrowth relies on pillars associated with the marine and maritime environment such as blue energies, maritime surveillance technologies, yachting business models, maritime clusters, etc. This innovative community of actors has been running now for more than 24 months, and has allowed the reinforcement of an integrated approach between blue economy projects funded by the Interreg Med Programme and transnational key stakeholders. This integrated and multi-level approach has indeed been recognised as a sine qua non condition to support Mediterranean clusters in their transnational activities processes, which also answers one of the main objectives of the Programme.

This capitalisation and community-building event will involve the Blue Growth Community and its modular and integrated projects: iBlue, Maestrale, Pelagos, Proteus, 4Helix+ and Mistral.  

The InnoBlueGrowth Project counts with a €1,47 million funding (of which €1,25M of EU co-funding) in the framework of the transnational cooperation programme Interreg Med.