Australia to invest 100 M$ into ocean impact ventures

The Ocean Impact Organization is a non-profit organisation that is building a multi-disciplinary ecosystem of founders, startups, SME’s, marine experts, business mentors, industry partners, corporates, research institutions, marine organisations, media organisations, not-for-profit partners, investors and philanthropists. They all have the aim to ensure the long term sustainability of the ocean, waterways and environment.


  • Establish Australia as a world leader in ocean solutions
  • Accelerate 100 ocean impact startups within 5 years
  • Drive investment of 100 M$ into ocean impact ventures within 5 years
  • Raise awareness of major ocean challenges and bring them into the mainstream consciousness
  • Drive business success metrics away from financial only and towards financial and measurable positive environmental impacts or “financial through environmental impact”

Core Values

  • Ocean protection and conservation so that future generations may enjoy the ocean as a source of abundance and inspiration.
  • Believe in the potential of the ocean to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The power of business as a source for good.
  • Inclusive and sustainable economy where profits and growth are seen as a means to greater outcomes for communities, employees and the environment.

By 2025, Australia’s marine industries will contribute around $100 billion to the Australian economy and are predicted to grow three times faster than Australia’s gross domestic product.

Australia has the potential, and the moral obligation, to be a world leader in ocean innovation and a sustainable ocean economy. We look forward to sharing our journey as we work towards achieving our mission:

Australia has a coastline of 60,000 km covering three of the five oceans and is responsible for 20% of the world’s ocean . 85% of Australians live within 1 hour of the coast.