Bunker buyers often debate on the best way to buy their fuel. Is spot better, open to the crazy spikes we sometimes see when there are supply shortages or credit squeezes? Or is it better to play it safe with a contract, potentially losing out on gains if premiums drop?Continue Reading

The Association of German Shipowner invites Startups for PitchBlue on the 24th May in Hamburg ! German and international Startups can apply to present their ideas and solutions in front of the creme della creme of German Shipowners. Please use this once in a lifetime chance and join the PitchblueContinue Reading

Hey all, have an impression of our 3rd Maritime Startup Stammtisch last night at Verband Deutscher Reeder. We had fantastic 1 Minute Pitches, good talking and special guests from The Docks (Nir Gartzman) and Steffen Knodt from Wärtsilä. The Websites of the Pitches: https://www.thedockinnovation.com/ Maritime Trust Platform http://www.ship-performance.de/ https://www.itsmycargo.com/ CommerzbibliothekContinue Reading

CMA CGM moves into the ring and starts their own incubator ZeBox ! Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the CMA CGM Group, stated: « With Ze Box, CMA CGM is accelerating its digital strategy and is developing the means to become the transportation industry’s leader in innovation.Continue Reading

on social impact and businesses On Social Impact and Businesses.

Earlier this week, we were invited to pitch for our startup Oceans, a deep social network for scuba divers, in front of some 700 people at #Sthlmtech, the monthly meetup for startups in Stockholm. On stage, we were also joined by one of the largest European VC firms. We did thisContinue Reading

introducing oceans 2 0 whale shark Introducing Oceans 2.0 “Whale Shark”.

Today, we ship the biggest update to Oceans yet: the all-new Oceans 2.0 “Whale Shark”. With a brand new design, diver profiles and logging tools for citizen science, we are making Oceans the most complete digital tool and community for scuba divers worldwide. Oceans, the deep social network for oceansContinue Reading

oceanographer fabien cousteau joins oceans Oceanographer Fabien Cousteau Joins Oceans

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — NEW YORK CITY, NY Oceans, the global social network for scuba divers, today announces a key addition to its team by introducing aquanaut, filmmaker, TED speaker and environmental advocate Fabien Cousteau as a partner and advisor. Fabien Cousteau in Aquarius during Mission 31, Florida Keys. As the first grandson of oceanContinue Reading

diving at sipadan island Diving at Sipadan Island

Getting there and where to dive. Sipadan Island is one of the world’s best dive sites in the middle of the coral triangle on eastern Malaysian Borneo. Jacques-Yves Cousteau rated the site number one in the world and it was the main location of his film “Ghost of the Sea Turtles.”Continue Reading

it is alive It is … Alive!

Oceans 1.0 "Stingray” — Reinventing ocean exploration. We just launched our one-year-in-the-making venture Oceans to the world, reinventing ocean exploration. Together with the world’s diving community, Oceans is set to map the teeming oceanic life, vivid landscapes and fragile underwater environment, making it available for everyone to explore. Oceans is all about co-creation.Continue Reading

announcing dive of the year 2017 Announcing Dive of the Year 2017

Over the last 12 months, we have been highlighting some stunning #DiveoftheWeek logs in the Oceans app and on social media, reaching over 40,000 ocean champions around the globe. It’s now time to announce the #DiveoftheYear 2017! And here’s the winner, presented by Fabien Cousteau, grandson of ocean exploration pioneerContinue Reading